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Take a moment to learn about the insurance services Main Street / New York Inc. offers boat owners and agents. We invite you to benefit from our complete package of coverages from the smaller runabouts to the largest yachts.  

Main Street / New York Inc. is one of the leading companies, providing boat, pontoon, powerboat, houseboat, personal watercraft
and sailboat insurance to boat owners.

We provide you with an array of appropriate services that take the hassle out of your search and acquisition for boat insurance.


Main Street offers some of the most competitive policy pricing for boat insurance. Our trained staff will provide you with personalized service to match your individual needs. Let us walk you safely through the pros and cons of the navigation of boat insurance waters.

We will help you choose the most comprehensive coverages at competitive rates that best fits the use of your watercrafts, lifestyle and budget. We work to provide you with the most affordable coverage for you and your watercraft.

We offer you a wide range of coverage, from the basic boat insurance policy to the broadest. Whether you are a first time boat owner or a seasoned sailboat enthusiast, we will help you to understand the different types of coverage to consider as a boat or watercraft owner.


We can help you classify your craft and explain the different types of coverage to consider as a boat or watercraft owner. The coverage will differ depending on the type and size of your watercraft. There are unique things about boat ownership that
you need to consider.

For instance, do you know that boat insurance can cover towing services if your watercraft leaves you stranded on the water or during transport over land or if your craft develops a fuel leak while in the water you can be  responsible for environmental
damage and cleanup?

Let us make your learning about the world of boat insurance a fun and carefree experience! You will also benefit from our great customer service


Power Boat Insurance

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Sailing Vessel Insurance

Performance Boat Insurance

Charter Boat Insurance

Mega Yatch Insurance


Main Street / New York Inc. provides you with a complete package for your powerboat insurance needs and the best possible option available to you in the industry.

We provide boat insurance programs for your powerboat, whether it is your personal watercraft, a cabin cruiser, inboard or outboard, speed boat, pleasure boat, pontoon, houseboat, charter boat, yacht or mega yacht.

We will provide a wide range of coverage, from the basic boat insurance policy to the broadest. We will work with you to provide the best and most affordable coverage for you, your watercraft and your lifestyle


Popular personal watercrafts such as jet skis and wave runners are fast, powerful, nimble and fun. They are very popular with thrill seekers and families alike.

Make sure you find the right insurance coverage for your needs before you take your personal watercraft to the water. Remember, they are not toys!

We help you determine appropriate insurance coverage for your personal watercraft. Leave your trust in our expert hands and you enjoy your water adventure.




It does not matter if you are a seasoned or a beginner sailor wishing to buy sailing yacht coverage or small sail boat insurance, our well-trained staff are here to help you choose the best insurance policy suitable to the sailing vessel and your needs.


Performance Boats are characterized by their performance, design and sophisticated engines for maximum speed that can create an adrenaline rush among the most demanding thrill seekers. Performance and speed boats cut through the waves and
offer their operators a ride like no other.

If you spend your leisure time sailing on your performance boat, make sure you protect your investment by making sure that you have the right insurance coverage for your boat. Your adrenaline rush should be when you are riding from the swell, not
from discovering that your insurance coverage is inadequate when you have a boat insurance claim.    

Most performance boat policies have other conditions and terms to be considered. They are not like other boating insurance policies. When you buy boat insurance from Main Street / New York Inc, our trained staff will help protect your valuable
investment and explain the details of your policy.

We can help you determine the most suitable insurance coverage for your performance watercraft.


Charter boats have complicated insurance requirements. The staff at Main Street are knowledgeable in marine insurance and can help you find the most appropriate insurance for your charter boat.

Main Street provide charter boat insurance coverage for the occasional charter operators and full time charter business that fits your charter boat needs. We carry charter boat insurance coverage for charter fishing, sight seeing, fishing guides, day
cruises, or extended cruises including vessel types from Bass Boats to Mega Yachts


Today, super yachts, mega yachts or sailing yachts are some of the most magnificent sailing vessels on the ocean. You need to protect your mega yacht with a marine insurance that is tailored to suit your needs and your mega yacht. Do not forget that
your mega yacht is an investment!

Main Street will offer you superior coverage for mega yachts. Whether you need world wide navigation or a policy tailored for your fine arts, the trained staff at Main Street will provide you with top notch service.

Main Street / New York Inc. can provide you the knowledge, expertise and personalized service you would expect from a leading insurance company. Rest assured that your investment will be given the highest consideration as we value our customers.

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